Catch Ball Game Set of 2 | 4 Paddles with 2 Balls | Self Stick Toss and Catch Sports Family Game for Ages 3 and Up | Paddle Ballgame with Catch Mitt and Activity Ball for Outdoors

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  • INTERACTIVE FUN: Kids can play together with this fun packed stick catch ball game as they develop essential social interactive skills. The with comes with a built in handle strap which gives you a super firm grip on the paddle and makes it easy to catch the ball. Suitable for ages 3 and up!
  • GREAT EXERCISE: Provides a great upper body workout and promotes healthy living in kids and teenagers. Gaming with the set enhances motor skills with the constant use of large muscle groups. The game increases blood and oxygen flow and provides a great, fun workout for the entire family.
  • DURABLE: Unlike other market brands, the catch ball game is made from quality materials that are built to last. Designed for rugged outdoor usage, it is a super fun way to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • PORTABILITY: Super lightweight and easy to carry, you play catch virtually anywhere of your choice. Carry the set to the park, backyard or kids party, all the same, the set is loads of fun for kids and teenagers of all ages.
  • ENTERTAINING: An awesomely exciting, cool way for the entire family to have fun while keeping active, and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Set includes – 2 Pairs of Paddles and 2 ball.



The Catch Ball Set is perfect for health conscious people who are keen on proactive lifestyles for the whole family
Not only fun, it also provides essential exercise for people of all ages. Increases blood circulation throughout the body
while enhancing essential motor skills with the usage of large muscle groups. Kids can enjoy hours of fun, all while getting
and awesome workout. Perfect for all outdoor events and festivities; camping, parties, BBQ’s, school, back yards and beaches.

Stretching, jumping, running and breathing control are all part of this fun exercise regime. Perfect for childhood development
kids | teenagers) and it improves blood circulation and bilateral coordination. Enhances children’s motor skills with the use
of large muscle groups in the body, and promotes good posture and balance. It also enhances reaction time and coordination.
in the body. Kids can play together as a team or one person can assume the role of fitness coach!

The family game is loads of fun and kids will have a blast doing fun, energized workouts, virtually anywhere; in the backyard,
camping out, at school, in the park or the beach. It’s no holds bars for this awesomely cool catch ball game for all occassions!

– Balance enhancement
– Coordination
– Enhances perception
– Durable material
– Promotes good posture
– Great exercise

– Ages 3 years +

– 2 Pairs of Paddles – 2 balls



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